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Upgrade AntispamSniper for TheBat!

Buy a commercial version of AntispamSniper for TheBat! and receive additional features for enhancing your anti-spam protection:

  • The commercial version has a built-in option, allowing deleting spam from the server by headers. It saves your traffic and reduces the number of unwanted emails, falling into your mailbox. The messages, deleted from server by headers, may be restored from filtering log.

  • DNSBL services are used for blocking spam by IP address of the sender.

  • A list of black words is used for deleting spam by keywords in subject.

  • The plug-in optionally learns the outgoing messages as non-spam.

  • Anti-phishing filter blocks the messages with spoofed links and thereby protects you from the phishing attacks (read this article for more info about phishing).

  • The plug-in supports blocking messages with certain types of attachments: Windows executables, animated GIF images, the attached files with defined extensions.

  • The plug-in optionally blocks the graphical spam, containing the clickable images.

  • An additional toolbar is displayed in TheBat interface, providing fast access to the main plug-in functions:

  • The plug-in is checking the domains from message text via URIBL services. The messages having blacklisted domains in text are classified as spam.

  • Additional set of predefined rule conditions improves the filtering quality.

  • SniperSync is a TCP server, allowing AntispamSniper plug-ins to use the common whitelist of email addresses and common database of message descriptors. The different copies of plug-in in local network can use this common database via two-way synchronization with the SniperSync server.

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Download and install the latest commercial version of the plug-in.
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