SniperSync Server

SniperSync is a TCP server, allowing AntispamSniper plug-ins to use the common whitelist of email addresses and common database of message descriptors. The different copies of AntispamSniper in local network can use a common database via two-way synchronization with the server.

The users in local network can have different understanding what spam is. For example, some users can receive the messages with various commercial offers, containing a text that for other users occurs only in spam. To prevent the degradation of filtering quality in this case it is possible to install several SniperSync servers for different user groups. It is not possible to install more than one copy of SniperSync on one computer.

By default all connected users can write updates to the common database. It is possible to restrict the access and allow this to the most accurate users only. The access rules are applied to network hosts, by the full host name.

System requirements:
Windows Vista/7/8/10 x86/x64